Pasta on the boil, look at this fancy pan. SO DAMN FANCY.BBC: white sugar is pretty much the WORST, but these alternatives are pretty much the best. Honey and agave nectar top our charts, but for candida sufferers Xylitol and Stevia are safe bets.

b-eatBritain’s leading charity for those with eating disorders. They have a helpline.

Candida Diet: this site has a useful list of foods to eat to beat candida, has heaps of recipes, helpful advice, and lots of good information.

Care2: health benefits of cinnamon, or, as I like to call it, an excuse to eat cinnabon all day erryday.

Greenpeace: information about the destruction of marine life and sustainable fishing.

NHS Choices: signs, symptoms and help for family and friends of, or those with eating disorders. Good links.


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