Kissing fish (n). Lesbians

Kissing Fish is slang for lesbians, which we are, also the colloquial name of some cute fish that kiss, which we aren’t. Here we attempt to show you how to make cookies without flour and how to turn dreams into reality. Think of us as your culinary life-coach.

Cornelia, probably referred to as C in this blog to make us seem less wife-of-a-roman-general and more ‘down with the kids’, is a twenty-something Visual Cultures student. It is very important to her that you do not call it history of art, if you call it history of art she will hit you with a small and pointy twig, hard. When she’s not between the pages of unintelligible, obfuscatory books, she is between pages of other obfuscatory books, but at least she has chosen them. Interested in the history of women in psychiatric hospitals, also chocolate.

When she’s not avoiding her dissertation by cleaning, or avoiding cleaning by embarking on increasingly unrealistic craft projects, Ruth can be found in the studio, probably dressed exclusively in black. R’s favourite hobby is going to galleries and obsessing over the framing of images, all the while being crushingly aware of the fact that, in most cases, she probably couldn’t do any better herself.


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