Red Hot Chilli Vodka

9 x 130ml bottles / 5 hrs / ~ £18 (excl. bottles)

It’s been too long, hasn’t it?

To quote Miranda Priestly, ‘tales of your incompetence do not interest me’.

And in a similarly sharp vain we bring you Red Hot Chilli Peppers Vodka.

Around November of last year we decided that we’d make homemade Christmas presents for our friends and family members out of a desire to create and out of a desire to, you know, still afford the tickets/oyster top-ups to see those friends & family members.

You’ll need a 1L bottle of Vodka*, 2 fat red Chillies (plus some regular chillies for the bottles) and bottles of your choosing. We trawled Amazon and picked some edge-y ones but it’s really up to you.

Slice up the chillies and put directly into the bottle of vodka (you might need to have a slurp first… put it in a glass if you must). Shake.

Leave for 4 – 5 hours

Strain out the chillies. You can distribute the vodka into your bottles at this point or put into the original bottle at a later date. As with all vodka, store in the freezer.


* We knew the vodka would have to be of a half decent quality for this to realistically be given as a present so I want to tell you something that I hope you shall forgive me for in advance. I sought advice from an article on The Telegraph website (I know, I know), an article titled ’10 vodkas put to the test’ (for if there are greater snobs than the journalists of The Telegraph then I do not want to hear of it) and their result surprisingly put Glen’s vodka above Belvedere, above Absolut, and above Grey Goose — the decision was thus made.



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