Save-the-night Vegetable Rice

Serves Two / 25 mins / ~£3


I remember the first time I made this for C, it followed the risotto that she mentioned in her Veggie Love recipe, we’d made brownies in the late morning and our hunger was just starting to return post-brownie-assassination. She loved its simplicity (and because it allowed time for dancing in the kitchen).

This is incredibly straightforward. We keep all of the ingredients stocked, and you should to.

Red Onions, Rice, Vegetable Stock, Curry powder, Red pepper, frozen peas.

Before C, I would make a batch of this up and keep the rest in the fridge, I’d eat it for lunch, sometimes the next’s night dinner as well. If, like us, you are a student and your budget has crumbled post-xmas-gift-splurge then I’d cosy on up to this rice dish. It will serve you well in your time of need; plus it makes for a great hangover breakfast (I see you judging me and I bite my thumb at you, sir).

You can, of course, make this dish more vegetable heavy, indeed it would work well – we don’t because our fridge is empty 88% of the time(I guessed at this, that’s the new ‘scientific’ did you know? Guessing.).

This is something we know we can cook after a long day out of the house, after a few drinks too many and when we’ve missed the last train back. This is a save-the-night and eat recipe — enjoy.


1 red onion

1-2 heaped teaspoon(s) of mild curry powder (what type is your spicy preference)

a mug of Brown or White Rice – the best advice on cooking for students that I have read is for rice. Use a mug to measure your white rice (long grain or basmati), half a mug is one serving – it will need two cups of water to cook. Once absorbed, eat. Brilliant.

1 cube of Veg. Stock – 550ml of water (if you are using brown rice, you’ll probably need a little more water as it takes longer to cook)

1 Red Pepper

A hefty shake of Frozen Peas from the bag


IMG_0884Pan, Oil.

Chop that onion, deseed the pepper and chop that too. Nothing needs to be precise.

Chuck into the pan and leave for around five minutes or until the onions have softened.

Add the rice – leave for a few minutes, the rice starts to go translucent: this is where you add your stock and curry powder.


Leave on a simmer until the rice is cooked, be sure to check as you go along and just before the rice is ready put in the peas.

You’ve got this.

Dish out. If you’ve made a bigger batch (or you are a lonely soul), put this in a container for tomorrow.



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