Sweet Buckwheat Breakfast, A.K.A tummy hug

wake up. read. snuggle. make these pancakes.

Serves Two | 20mins | £3 – £6.44

These buckwheat pancakes are cheap, easy to make, and they look pretty on a duck-egg blue bedspread.

It’s the weekend, its midday and you’ve wasted the morning; its time to get up, go to the shops, come back and do some work. But first you should eat.

This recipe is super simple. It easily makes two pancakes each.


All you need is ½ cup or 100g buckwheat flour

a hefty shake or seven of cinnamon (about 1 ½  tbls),

a few teaspoons of xylitol 

12 tbls water.

Costs £6.44 all-in, but if you have cinnamon (which you should, WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?) and you made that avocado recipe then costs begin to drop.

I usually have my pancakes with butter, sugar (I swapped this for xylitol) and lemon juice – but the choice of toppings is entirely up to you; C always has golden syrup and lime juice.

This is a great breakfast for those on the Anti-Candida diet, those following a wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free diet but it is not 100% gluten-free, on account of the flour.

dramatic picture of whisk in bowl

Measure all the ingredients and put into a mixing bowl (if you don’t have a bowl (this originally read ‘if you don’t have a bowel’, I hope that’s not the case) use anything that has sides, in my first year of university I once made a pancake batter in a roasting tin – needs must.)


Pour a ladle-full of the mixture into a oiled pan, on a medium heat – you can make your pancakes as big or small as you wish, obv. (yes, obv.)

dramatic photo of pancake pre-pancake murder

 serve. eat. enjoy.

Check out our Resources page for more information about Candida, the benefits of cinnamon, and alternatives to sugar.


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