Not so Dickensian Cabbage Soup

Serves Four| 1h30 | around £5


Perfect for curing the winter chills, student poverty, and for taking to the park or the library.

Takes approx. 1hr30 to make, cost us about £1.60 because we have a ridiculously cheap green grocers, (ALLEDGEDLY run by the Greek Mafia) and because we already have Olive Oil. Prices will vary depending on what you have in the depths of your cupboards.

I cut out meat in the New Year and the one meal that I actively crave is boiled bacon, mash potato and cabbage; if you have Irish relatives you’ll understand this urge, if not I simply ask you to excuse me.

This soup is not boiled bacon — it is boiled cabbage.

It sounds a bit joyless and Dickensian, but I assure you it’s not! Also it gets bonus points because it’s cheap, doesn’t require any fancy equipment, and it satisfies sugar cravings because the onions are quite sweet. It’s deliciously onion-y, salty and surprisingly quite filling.

The first time I made this soup was about week ago, one week before that I was put on the anti-Candida diet (doctors orders). It pretty much requires me to cut out all of the good stuff like tea, potatoes and biscuits. Biscuits.

Let’s not dwell on that though (biscuits), I’ll just give you the recipe for the dinner C and I ate that evening. You can adapt this recipe, we’ve been making it into more of a Cabbage and Onion Soup in the past few days and it works well. Let your culinary juices flow. If you have a BIG pot (like we do) you can cook up a large batch and freeze them in containers (that we don’t have, but you might).


I used a deep frying pan for this, but if you don’t have one a wok or similar will work just as well:

1 Cabbage (The cabbage I used for the pictures was in fact too big for our pan, perhaps make two batches, perhaps use a bigger pan – your choice. )

1 Onion ­­– I’d stick with white here, we’ve tried red onions, but they are just not right in this soup

A healthy knub of ginger – half a thumb (technical measurement) ­– I have small thumbs

 A secret clove of garlic – add as much garlic as you like, but if, like C, you despise the taste just add a very small clove to balance the flavours

 Cayenne Pepper, a generous shake or seven

 Yeast-free Vegetable stock – we use kallo – for Candida sufferers, be sure to check your stock does not contain Yeast or Citric Acid. Use one or one and a half cubes

 2 tbls Soy sauce – this is forbidden on the Candida diet as soy is fermented so contains yeast and moulds, I’m a maverick and a rule breaker but if you are well behaved I’d leave this or swap it with extra coconut oil

 Water, 550ml for the stock cube, and then I poured plenty more in from the kettle (about 1litre, I suspect)

 Olive Oil or Coconut oil

This onion will try to make you cry. joke's on the onion. tears are your body's own seasoning-producer. Pick up anything that will slice an onion. Slice it, chop the cabbage into smallish bites — you don’t need to be too precise about this, chunks, slices, whatever works for you. Stick that in a pan on medium heat with a tablespoon or two of olive or coconut oil.  Stirring occasionally, leave for 20 mins or until the onions are soft and the cabbage is limp.

While that’s on the hob, spoon soy sauce into a pot/bowl/container of some description, finely chop the garlic and the ginger (you can grate the ginger if you like), add to the soy sauce, along with the cayenne pepper. STIR.

Boil the kettle and make up your stock.

DID I MENTION I AM NOT ALLOWED CAKE?1??1?!!!!!!111???????Once the cabbage and onion is done, make a well in the pan like you would with cake batter awaiting a wobbly yellow yolk did I mention I’m not allowed cake. Pour in soy sauce mix. Let it fry for a few minutes until you can smell the ginger and garlic. STIR. Leave for a few minutes before pouring in the stock and extra water. Leave to simmer. This probably takes about 35-45 minutes, but you can do a taste test (the cabbage wants to be close to the texture of butter, let it be).

Serve into bowls/mugs/thermos flasks/whatever has been washed up, eat, enjoy.

Look at all those leaves of cabbage just laying there, bathing like this is a fucking leisure centre in ischgl, this is not, this is food and you are SO going to eat the crap out of those cabbage leaves.

Check out our Resources page for more information about Candida.


4 thoughts on “Not so Dickensian Cabbage Soup

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  2. Looks great! And I enjoyed reading your recipe as much as I’m sure I’ll enjoy making the soup. I look forward to trying it. Thanks! I hope you will be able to eat biscuits (or cookies, as we call them) again soon. Cheers from the States.

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