Savoury Buckwheat Breakfast

Serves Two | 15mins | £4.15

Art History Inspiration from Irving penn - vegetable face, 1995

This recipe uses only two main ingredients. Its super quick, super filling and super cheap — what more could you ask for?

I eat this for breakfast but it would make a perfectly acceptable lunch as well.

If you already have Season-All and Buckwheat flour, this will only cost you the price of the avocados (2 for £2 at Sainsbury). Which will come in handy when cash is low or if you are a dirty student wallowing in self-pity two weeks before the next loan installment.

(Strict Gluten-free diets watch-out, whilst Dove’s Wholegrain Buckwheat flour is gluten and wheat-free they do say, “It does, however, contain gluten from the adjacent growing, storage or processing of wheat.”)


100g Buckwheat flour (I’ve been using ½ cup)

a pinch of salt

12 tablespoons water

Olive oil or Coconut oil

2 Avocados

a healthy scattering of Season-All

For the wraps, simply whisk the flour, salt and water together.

Slice the avocados in preparation, spread the pieces out on your chopping board and sprinkle over the Season-All (my salt consumption is perhaps something to worry about and yet this spice mix can be too salty for me – use carefully).

This is what avocados look like when they've given up the will to live, well don't just look man, eat EAT

Stick two plates in your oven to warm up.

Put some oil in the pan – just enough so that it covers the base – and then pour two-ladle-full’s of batter into the pan (this depends on the size of your frying pan), cook this like you would a pancake* and then put it on the plate in the oven to keep warm. Repeat.

Fry the avocado in a little oil. Not for long, perhaps a few minutes.  The avocado can become too oily so tip your avocado onto some kitchen roll to get rid of the excess.

Remove the wraps; divide the avocado up evenly between you both (yes, evenly — ‘we share in this household’ as my parents would say) and SERVE.

rockabye baby in an avocado wrap it's time to die now

*I’ve used the term ‘wrap’ loosely. Don’t expect to have a perfectly round wrap that you can simply fill with avocado and roll. For the first four attempts this came out in bits, tasty bits, but bits none the less — this is not something you present to guests on your first attempt.

Check out our Resources page for more information about Candida.


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